Seemore’s Playhouse

SeeMore’s Playhouse™ is a fun, musical backyard playhouse where SeeMore hosts gatherings of the kids from his neighborhood as they play, have a good time, and learn about safety. The playhouse is a large, eclectic home, pleasantly cluttered with comfortable cast-off furniture and a collection of the kind of interesting items you might find in someone’s attic, from surfboards to unicycles to lava lamps. A handy picture window serves as the characters’ video monitor when it’s not filling its more traditional function as a window to the world outside—a world the characters frequently venture into as they’re playing, having adventures, and learning.

Each episode features a fun and engaging story that centers on an important safety issue. The safety content is woven into the storyline in such a way as to maintain the comedic and entertaining tone of the show and avoid being “preachy.” While the primary focus of the show is to teach kids about physical safety, a secondary goal is to empower children to live happy, healthy lives and make good personal choices. Toward this end, there are several recurring themes that underlie the basic safety message of the show, such as cooperation and responsibility.